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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

If you are looking for a reliable partner who is insured to work on Residential window cleaning, look no further. We are market leaders in our field! Our methods are eco-friendly which sustain healthy conditions around your home.

When you use R&R Window Cleaning you will get a professional service using the most advanced window cleaning equipment on the market today.

  • Our residential services are great value for money and suitable for any kind of residential property
  • Cleaning that utilises the latest cleaning technology for a smear-free finish
  • Fully insured cleaners that deliver top results every time

How we issue a quote: We can use the number of windows at your location to get the price or deal with the standard charges if your case is one of the common ones.

Prepare the house for cleaning: We will help you arrange for the cleaning process if you need help. We will move furniture and clear any other obstruction prior to the duty at hand.

Time for window cleaning: We advise you to set up a day for the cleanup.

Water filtration: For windows to be as clean as possible, water filtration is vital to get rid of minerals and deposits which leave streaks and smears.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Property owners and developers are now turning to solar energy as a way to counter the rocketing costs of energy bills and provide a sustainable and uninterrupted source of energy.

Solar panel cleaning is always the last thing people consider after installation. However, if you are going to maximise your energy savings it is essential to keep your panels clean and free from the dirt that builds up over time.

We consider ourselves professionals. That means we will take care of the solar panels in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. After cleaning, we perform an inspection for cracks or aged seals and provide you with appropriate advice on how to prolong the life of the solar panel and when to get a replacement.

Pool & Glass Fence Cleaning

Pool & Glass Fence Cleaning

Brushing: We use a brush to get rid of dirt that has collected on the sides and bottom parts of the pool. We make all the sediment to be moved towards the main drain for easy vacuuming.

Vacuum cleaning: Our machine equipment involves top range robotic cleaners that have their head and hose compact before going to the filter. The result is awesome after the vacuum cleaner finishes the hard tasks.

Check the circulation: The basic circulation system comprises of the skimmer, pump plus the strainer, drains and of course, the filter. We make sure that your system is running as intended so that the chemicals can work efficiently and the water gets filtered. We will be with you as the pump takes its time to make sure that a large amount of water gets cleaned up if not all and runs smoothly.

And the filter too: We are familiar with the popular filter types i.e. sand, cartridge and vertical grid which sees the debris screened from the pool’s water. We take care of them too following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Shock treatment: We can carry out a test on your pool’s water depending on the swimming schedule and add chemicals following the right specifications. Having shock treatment regularly cleanses the water of algae and bacteria among other organic matters.

Glass Fence: Our equipment is designed to attend to your glass fence by using warm water. We will perform the cleaning with a regular schedule that suits you. Our aim is to keep the dirt away and grime at bay!

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